OOTD! A simple scarf (blog maintenant en français aussi!)

Hello my lovelies! (Français en italics rose!)

I am back with a more serious outfit, if I can call it that. I am not a very serious person so anything I wear is usually influenced directly by my silliness- you can probably see the silly faces I am making in some of the photos below. I purchased this scarf from Asos last season and had yet to find an outfit that I like it with. I was feeling very inspired by all the floral prints I am seeing on other blogs so I decided to pull it out and match with a pair of floral wedges that I adore. I really like the shades and pastels mixed with florals and I like when there is a bit of pop to a simple outfit like I am wearing here.

Je veux souhaiter la bienvenue à mes lecteurs française. J’ai promis de écrire en français depuis si longtemps et maintenant j’ai officiellement commencé. Je vais vous prévenir que je ne suis pas un grand écrivain française donc s’il vous plaît excuser les erreurs – il y aura beaucoup. 

        Je suis de retour avec une tenue plus sérieuse, si je peux l’appeler cela. Je ne suis pas une personne très sérieuse ainsi que tous que je porte est influencé directement par mon ”silliness”- vous pouvez voir probablement les visages idiots que je fais dans certaines des photos ci-dessous. J’ai acheté cette écharpe d’Asos la saison passée et j’ai eu du mal à trouver une tenue que je l’aimé avec. Je me sentais très inspiré par toutes les tissues fleurs que je vois sur d’autres blogs ainsi j’ai décidé de le mettre avec une paire de espadrilles fleurs que j’adore. J’aime vraiment les nuances et les pastels en combinaison avec les fleurs –  Je trouve que ca fait sauter une tenue simple comme je porte ici.

Makeup – Coastal Scents 88 colour palette, Benefit Bad Gal Lash mascara, Biguine Marilyn Monroe eyeliner

Scarf/Écharpe – Asos

Cardigan- UNIQLO

Top/Veste – GAP

Jeans – Second Denim ( I LOVE THESE JEANS!)

Espadrilles – No name/ Sans marque (bought/acheter Rue St.Denis, Paris)  

 Merci !

xo CurvyKatie


Holiday Wishlist!

Christmas is less than 15 days away and I realized that I think I might be the only blogger not to have posted a wish list… shocking, I know!

This certainly doesn’t mean that I don’t have one, I do, it’s miles long, but this morning I took some time to pick 3 things I would really love that have been on my list for a while to share with you.

1. Kat Von D. tattoo eyeliner – which I heard nothing but amazing things about. I am pretty unsteady when it comes to doing liquid eyeliner on myself, and this one has a thin brush almost like a marker and it goes on full of colour. (If I do the line right the first time, I can’t risk going over it again and ruining it, so this is super important for me ).

The Kat Von D. collection is only available at Sephora in the UK, USA and Canada (It might be in other countries as well, but not in France where I am), so when I hope to score this when I am back in Canada next week!

2. Asos Curve Slash Neck Lace Dress – I love all the lace that is making an appearance this season, and am feeling left out with none of it in my closet.

3. Black Leather boots – or in this case Evans,  black leather-like boots with straps and buckles. It’s so rare that I find a high wide calf boot that I really like and my last pair finally bit the dust a couple of weeks ago. I like these because they make me think of what a pirate meeting a steam punk would wear.






There you have it! My top 3! As Christmas approaches, I might post more, but I’m really big into giving and buying gifts for other people, hence the reason it has taken me so long to post this 🙂

I have been shopping like a madwoman for friends and family – and wish I could share what I bought with you, but then if they read my blog, all would be ruined. Hope everyone is out enjoying their weekend!

It’s getting chilly out…

So the weather has turned pretty quickly here in Paris and I think it’s safe to say that it is definitely fall outside. I am so excited because I love sweaters and tights, not to mention there are so many awesome collections coming out! I have a post coming about my adventures in London with the Beth Ditto collection but I’ll save that for after. First, here are a few of my fall favourites.

Apart from the Beth Ditto collection which I am a complete nut for, I am also loving all the greys, brown-greys an blues at Evans this fall. I am a sucker for a stretch mini skirt and this one is on my to order when I have money list … yes my list is enormous in case you are wondering.

Ohhh Asos, how I could surf your site for hours. When I was in London I searched high and low for a pair of pants like these cords, the trouser style that I could role but found none that really fit the way I wanted, and now I feel silly because I had somehow missed them on the Asos site. I also am excited to see a rush of animal prints again like this mini skirt! In the top left corner is a gold metal cuff with a velvet lace and just underneath are the wicked Asos jean shorts that I can’t wait to try.

Anna Scholz – Zipper dress

I was reading up on the Anna Scholz blog and checking out the new things on the site and I came across this zipper dress. I am so pumped to see velvety fabrics back in these kinds of pieces. They look so luxury-rock and are really comfy.

Stay tuned for pics of the Beth Ditto collection that I managed to get my hands on while in London. Thanks for reading!!!

Why not?!

So I received a very prompt response from Asos after my little letter. From day 1 I have been really impressed with them, because I know my letter probably didn’t make an enormous impact, but they didn’t ignore it and they responded politely and in a friendly manner. I think from any large company that I have ever communicated with, this experience has been the nicest. Here is the response in case you are interested. More than anything, I think it was really great of someone to respond personally, that too me is worth a lot when it comes to the integrity of a company.

Hello Katie,

Thank you for your email and feedback.

All comments, good or bad is always greatly received.

I can confirm the model used for ASOS curve does fall into the size bracket of ASOS curve range (20-26) but have passed your comments onto the relevant department for you.

Thanks again and please advise if you require any further assistance

Kind Regards,

Emma S

On that note, this weekend I will be taking pictures of my Asos purchases as I now have a bit of time. I also have a couple of accessories and things to share with you as well, so come on back!


P.S.  if you are interested in the wicked statue next to me in the photo check out visual textile artist Allyson Mitchell.

Hooray for packages!!!

So recently, I have been ordering many things online in preparation for my closet overhaul. The most exciting thing is that they are all arriving this week. So far I have received a pair of dark wash jeans from Faith 21 (which I have to return because they are too big, but the pants are nice and price is even nicer, so I would recommend them anyways) and 2 camisole tank tops (Purple and white) as well as a wicked polka dot head band.  I also received my first purchase from ASOS curve. Being from Canada, I had never really explored the plus size fashion outside of the US, thinking that the shipping and handling would be too ludicrous to bare. As it turns out the entire purchase was actually cheaper than my average Torrid order. I have been pretty bored with Torrid lately, but I think it is because I have been ordering from them for so many years that I was starting to feel like it was repetitive.  Nevertheless, they are still a fantastic company. Here is a dress I purchased a few months ago from Torrid, but please excuse my bad posture. It is really comfortable and can be puffed out more in the bottom as it has a balloon hem.

Photo: Dress: Torrid    Cardigan: Target (old collection)  Necklace: ToodalooKatie (my own creation)

In my ASOS order I received a black boyfriend over sized tshirt and a pair of black skinny jeans. The shirt is a bit big, but as a plus I can wear it as a shirt dress with leggings and this fabulous new long cardigan that I got from Urban Behaviour this weekend.

I also have 2 dresses from Alight which I am in love with, one Indian style print summer dress and one mini puff skirt tank dress. I know it’s all hard to imagine so I will be taking photos just as soon as I finish work  and my exam this week.

I am also expecting a couple of things from Dorothy Perkins this week which I can hardly contain my excitement about.

I will keep you posted, but this week is going to be one helluva closet buster!!