Evans Clements Ribeiro – Swan Collection




Hey lovelies!

So last week, I had the chance to go to London and see the new Clements Ribiero Swan collection for Evans at their HQ. I attended in place of Gaelle from Les Pitreries de Vanoue as she is all the way in Paris! I was really looking forward to seeing the collection as I find that every guest collection with Evans is always a surprise. I wasn’t a big fan of the previous collection from Clements Ribiero as I don’t wear many prints and found the dresses very long, however, this time I was pleasantly surprised. The Swan Collection has a variety of pieces and style in it making it more versatile and more friendly to different types of plus size bodies. As you can see above, this 1920s style flapper dresses to die for and hopefully will be appearing in my closet, once I make up an excuse to own it.

(Photo Courtesy of Fat Girls Like Nice Clothes Too)

My favourite part about the collection is how classically styled the pieces are, from heavy fabrics with lovely embroidery to lined cardigans and a stunning 3/4 sleeve oversized coat with toggles.  There are also a selection of tunics and longer dresses made of stretchy soft material  that don’t look like much on the hanger, but once on a body, really flatter the figure.For me, this collection represents a lot of thought about how clothing is cut for plus sized women and it’s so nice to see.

It was a really lovely afternoon seeing all the new collection and catching up with a few awesome bloggers who I haven’t seen in a while. Check out Bethany’s review of the collections over on Arched Eyebrow, and Diane from Fat Girls Like Nice Clothes Too! Oh and I have done a French guest review over on Les Pitreries de Vanoue too!  The collection is out very soon, and head over to the Evans website to be the first to know more! Thanks to Gaelle and Evans for having me for the afternoon, it was a real treat!

XO ToodalooKatie

ps. stay tuned for a hair post! Hooray!


Fashion Blogger Secret Santa!

It finally came! I have been checking my mail everyday in hopes that my little mystery package from it’s mystery sender would arrive! When I saw the letter with fancy pink writing on it, I knew my secret santa gift had arrived! I have to send out a huge thank you to Dorothy from Dorothy Dancing for the beautiful silver key pendant necklace she sent me. I wish now that I had taken a picture of it all wrapped up but here it is with the lovely letter it arrived with:

If you don’t know DorothyDancing, go take a look, she is fabulous!

To see all the wonderful exchanges that have been happening check out the Fashion Blogger Secret Santa Tumblr

Merci merci merci DorothyDancing! J’adore mon cadeau! Biz

Blogger Clothing Sale!/Vide Dressing!!!

Hello everyone! I have a special surprise for everyone who is in Paris in early December! Myself, Marie, Chloe, Lydiana, Vanoue and Sihem are having a clothing sale on the 4th of December. It’s going to be an all girls afternoon of fashion. It is happening from 2 – 6pm on December 4th at 14 rue d’Alexandrie (Cartel de la mode shop) in Paris.  There will be many sizes and as for styles, a big mix. You can check out all of our blogs to get a better idea, but I’m positive there will be tones of goodies to be had!

A Facebook event has been created so you can remind yourself of this awesome date and so you can RSVP as well!

I hope to see you all there! Any questions or comments can be of course left in the comments section, on the event wall or emailed to me! curvykatieblog [at] gmail.com