Evans Clements Ribeiro – Swan Collection




Hey lovelies!

So last week, I had the chance to go to London and see the new Clements Ribiero Swan collection for Evans at their HQ. I attended in place of Gaelle from Les Pitreries de Vanoue as she is all the way in Paris! I was really looking forward to seeing the collection as I find that every guest collection with Evans is always a surprise. I wasn’t a big fan of the previous collection from Clements Ribiero as I don’t wear many prints and found the dresses very long, however, this time I was pleasantly surprised. The Swan Collection has a variety of pieces and style in it making it more versatile and more friendly to different types of plus size bodies. As you can see above, this 1920s style flapper dresses to die for and hopefully will be appearing in my closet, once I make up an excuse to own it.

(Photo Courtesy of Fat Girls Like Nice Clothes Too)

My favourite part about the collection is how classically styled the pieces are, from heavy fabrics with lovely embroidery to lined cardigans and a stunning 3/4 sleeve oversized coat with toggles.  There are also a selection of tunics and longer dresses made of stretchy soft material  that don’t look like much on the hanger, but once on a body, really flatter the figure.For me, this collection represents a lot of thought about how clothing is cut for plus sized women and it’s so nice to see.

It was a really lovely afternoon seeing all the new collection and catching up with a few awesome bloggers who I haven’t seen in a while. Check out Bethany’s review of the collections over on Arched Eyebrow, and Diane from Fat Girls Like Nice Clothes Too! Oh and I have done a French guest review over on Les Pitreries de Vanoue too!  The collection is out very soon, and head over to the Evans website to be the first to know more! Thanks to Gaelle and Evans for having me for the afternoon, it was a real treat!

XO ToodalooKatie

ps. stay tuned for a hair post! Hooray!


Snazzy Footwear On A January Afternoon

Hello again!

So back in January when I was home in lovely Toronto, I did a little photo shoot with my best friend Sarah to feature our newly purchased shoes. We each on different occasions bought pairs of killer heels that I thought why not do a post about it?

It turns out that Sarah also had a new outfit, for an upcoming wedding, to go with said new shoes, and so our little afternoon shoot was all set.

I brought back an old favourite piece because I have never featured it on my blog and I am secretly hoping that the fashion gods are listening and that they will invite Beth Ditto back for another collection/collaboration.

I’m wearing my favourite Beth Ditto lightning bolt sweater from the Beth Ditto  for Evans collection over a year ago, with a pair of cheap chic leggings from Primark. I snagged my blingtastic heels at Pretty Things Boutique in Halifax, Nova Scotia and they are very high but I can’t resist them. I love the way they look and they make my calves look like I just ran a marathon.

Sarah is wearing an amazing fuchsia dress from Canada’s new British favourite, Top Shop along with a black lace cardi/bolero from H&M.

Her snazzy and oh so soft fuchsia wedges are from Town Shoes, in Toronto and have the cutest tassels hanging off the zipper in the back. I’m not sure how she managed to find heels this amazing that match her dress like they were made from the same cut of fabric, but that’s her amazing luck for you.

We did Sarah’s makeup to match! Doesn’t she look glamorous?

I know the photos are a couple of months old, and that my hair is completely different but I have been prepping this post forever and absolutely couldn’t not share the pictures with you because they are so fun. Long live killer heels, sore calves and fabulous looking legs!!!

xx Toodaloo Katie

Review: AX Paris Curve

So this past week, AX Paris sent me one of their dresses from the new Curve collection to review. I chose the Navy Polka Dot Chiffon Floaty Dress  because I really don’t have any dresses like this one, that are light and a little fancy. My wardrobe tends to be more casual than dressy so this makes a really nice addition for a night out or an event.

The dress is lined which is a lovely touch, as it doesn’t stick to your tights when you walk. It also makes it sit a lot nicer on the body. In the photos, I am wearing my usual Spanx tights which shape a little, but don’t change the silhouette of the dress at all as it is roomy in the bottom bit.

The dress is comfortable and pretty and has a lovely little bow that can be tied in front or back which could easily be swapped for a belt if you have more of a defined waist (unlike me). In terms of size, I am wearing a Size 20 and it fits just right on me. I would say that if it had sleeves, it would probably be a bit snug in the shoulder area so something to consider for sizing if you are ordering anything and have wider shoulders.

So check out their website because they have lots of fun prints like polka dots, hearts and leopard! 🙂

I did my makeup to match with my Coastal Scents Palate (navy blue and copper eyeshadows) and my Kat Von D. Tattoo Pen eyeliner.

Thanks AX Paris for sending me this dress, I feel oh so pretty in it.

And thank you to my darling boyfriend, Skull Car Steveo, for the lovely photos.

OOTD: That’s Miss Charlie Chaplin to you…

Hiya! So thanks to the amazing Gaelle from Les Pitreries de Vanoue I have a few super fun shots of my girly Charlie Chaplin look for you.

The outfit is a mix of old, new and borrowed and it’s one of my favourites to wear.


Polka dot cardigan- Gap (old collection)

Tank top – Old navy

Jeans – Second Yoga (these are amazing!)

Boots- Evans (on sale during PlusLondon!)

Hat – Le Chateau (Canada – old collection)

Purse – Primark

Umbrella – borrowed from Gaelle and originally from Primark

I am rather enjoying this bizarre bit of Spring weather we have been having and now that I have a pair of jeans that actually fit properly and are versatile, I have been wearing them a lot more. It’s a shame I can’t wear this hat all day – it cures a bad hair day instantly!

Take care my lovelies!

xo CurvyKatie


OOTN: Plus London & Anna Scholz

Hello again!

Back so soon, you say? Well, yes. I had so many people ask me ‘who’ I was wearing on Saturday and I thought, seeing as to how it was a piece from one of the sponsers, it was only fit to do a post about it. After many a month spent lusting after this black Anna Scholz zipper dress, I came across it in person back home in Toronto at Lola&Gigi (my new favourite place to shop in Toronto.) Having never ordered from Anna Scholz before I had no idea how the fit would be  so I was super excited to have the chance to try a few pieces on in store.

Not being very tall, I was worried that everything would be too long, as I have the impression from most of their photos that the models are quite tall, however this was not an issue at all. As soon as I put the black zipper dress on, both I, my mum and Laura (owner of Lola & Gigi) decided on the spot that I must own this dress.

I’m not one to wear things that are particularily close to the body, but this dress is cut as though it were made to measure. You can see the structure and the way it is sewn creates curves in all the right places no matter the body underneath. On top of that it has a rockin’ silver exposed metal zipper all the way up the back and a fun bright fuschia lining.

I have to thank Anika from byanika.com for the photo as foolish me did not ask anyone to take a photo me in full length. I will re-do the outfit for you and update ASAP so you can get the full effect.

As for accessories, I am carrying a clutch made by my bestie Sarah of Elizabean textiles that I love. It`s a beautiful deep blue/purple with a wild print on the inside. She makes jewelry rolls, clutches of all sizes and incredible other bags, I think it`s decided I will do a post on her creations soon for you all to see, as I am her biggest fan.

I can`t say it enough, thank you again to everyone for this weekend, all the blog posts with pictures popping up on twitter and facebook are making me so happy. It`s like re-living the weekend!

xx Curvy Katie

Something new!

I came across this online store, Hope and Harvest, while I was reading Curves to Kill a blog by Teer Wayde, a plus size model and fantastic fashionista. She models for them and the clothes are divine. I am trying to add more pieces to my wardrobe that are high quality and won’t become obselete in the blink of an eye. I think these designers have accomplished exactly that in their line – quality and timeless is what I think when I see their pieces.

Perhaps it is just me, but I have not seen this company at all with the exception of on Curves to Kill, but I think they deserve a little of the spotlight. The clothes are beautiful, I love this grey dress!  Are you guys familiar with them at all?



note: The photos in this album are borrowed and link back to Curves to Kill, they are not my images.

OOTD … or a day a little while ago.

So I wore this outfit a couple of weeks ago when I was in London, but I am going to count it as an outfit of the day… just not today. I have been meaning to post it forever because it was so comfortable and marked the beginning of fall for my wardrobe, as I was forced to layer to keep warm, as London was quite a bit chillier than Paris. My mum and I went to do some sight seeing so I didn’t want to be overloaded with a jacket so instead I put on a black Gap tshirt, an amazing cardigan from Uniqlo (if you haven’t tried their cardigans…. you must, they are so soft and fit really nicely) and then layered a long black cardigan from Urban Apparel (Canada) over top. I then of course, piled on a scarf from the Portobello road market, and paired everything with a pair of black H&M BiB collection dress pants, which are rolled up to show off my cute little loafers from Evans. The awesome red belt was a lucky find from a clothing sale at Saksinthecity! The entire outfit felt very me and was perfect for a day of sight seeing in my favourite city: London! I put all my souvenirs and shopping in my trusty black H&M bag/purse/black hole. I now have to find a good pair of boots so as to prolong the wear of these pants into the winter season. I attempted to wear them with socks and as of yet have not found a way to make it not look dorky. I’ll keep you posted as to how it goes. 🙂