A Simply Be Christmas Special


Hello again!

I know that two posts so close together is a bit crazy, but I have had them saved up and wanted to share it all with you! SimplyBe was so kind as to send me a couple of things to try for Christmas parties and all that jazz. I chose two dresses and a blazer because as much as I love dresses there are occasions where I would rather wear trousers or a skirt and would like something a little different to glam it all up.

The first dress I chose was this purple/mauve lace print dress which can be found on SimplyBe, it is one of their own collection, and my first comment would be to size up! I chose my usual size 18 and the top is far too snug around the bust and the arms. I would have been much better off in a size 20. Regardless, the dress is gorgeous and very comfortable but requires a jacket or cardi to hide the snugness above the waist. I’m also wearing: black leggings from Simply Be, a vintage jacket and boots from Evans (last year).


Next up is this lovely cream and black frilly tunic also from Simply Be but made by Frock and Frill. As you can see, I attempted to wear it as a dress, but I think for outings I will pair it with leggings so I don’t have to worry about it being a tad short. It’s super comfortable and the colour is lovely, even on my pale skin. I paired it with a belt from Torrid as I needed the waist to be pulled in a pinch more, black tights from M&S and my favourite black heels from New Look.  I think  I am going to wear it to my work Christmas dinner, only with leggings this time as it is definitely a tunic. I am so glad the arms have space but aren’t too big and that the lace details are soft and look so elegant.



Last of all was a gold sequin Coleen Nolan blazer which as you can see was a difficult one to photograph. I really wanted something that I could wear to jazz up a plain outfit, like this black brocade skirt from Dorothy Perkins and black t-shirt from Gap. The cut of the blazer is great and shoulders fit really nicely, which is usually where I struggle with jackets. The thing I wasn’t so keen on was the quality of the blazer. The reviews did say that it felt a bit cheap and I have to agree. The sequins are not really all over, it’s more of a netted effect with sequins which can’t be seen in the photos. I’ll still get plenty of wear out of it because it’s a definite statement piece but I did expect better quality for the price.



Look, it is sparkly!


Thank you SimplyBe for these lovely things to review, I am ready for all the festivities that are to come!

What are all your plans? Christmas at home or away? I will be hoping for snow regardless of how ridiculous that is!

Merry Christmas




Review: AX Paris Curve

So this past week, AX Paris sent me one of their dresses from the new Curve collection to review. I chose the Navy Polka Dot Chiffon Floaty Dress  because I really don’t have any dresses like this one, that are light and a little fancy. My wardrobe tends to be more casual than dressy so this makes a really nice addition for a night out or an event.

The dress is lined which is a lovely touch, as it doesn’t stick to your tights when you walk. It also makes it sit a lot nicer on the body. In the photos, I am wearing my usual Spanx tights which shape a little, but don’t change the silhouette of the dress at all as it is roomy in the bottom bit.

The dress is comfortable and pretty and has a lovely little bow that can be tied in front or back which could easily be swapped for a belt if you have more of a defined waist (unlike me). In terms of size, I am wearing a Size 20 and it fits just right on me. I would say that if it had sleeves, it would probably be a bit snug in the shoulder area so something to consider for sizing if you are ordering anything and have wider shoulders.

So check out their website because they have lots of fun prints like polka dots, hearts and leopard! 🙂

I did my makeup to match with my Coastal Scents Palate (navy blue and copper eyeshadows) and my Kat Von D. Tattoo Pen eyeliner.

Thanks AX Paris for sending me this dress, I feel oh so pretty in it.

And thank you to my darling boyfriend, Skull Car Steveo, for the lovely photos.

OOTD: Cute in Camel

Hello everyone!

I wanted to stop by quickly and show you another little dress that I acquired recently from Dorothy Perkins. In actual fact, despite loving the dress, it is too big so I am selling it for anyone who is interested so click here to see the Facebook album with several cute things for sale – message me on here, Facebook, Twitter or by e-mail if you have questions or want something.

Anyways, I am really loving that camel has moved from winter to spring with fashion from wool coats to light dresses now. I had to test it out and see and I love how nice it looks when paired with red and black, it has a lot of texture. I am feeling a little limited when it comes to bags because I can’t carry a dainty little bag with my new camera – but I think for the most part the sacrifice is worth it because I can take photos again. Alright I shan’t bore you with my ramblings – here is my outfit!!

Dress – Dorothy Perkins

Cardigan – Joe (old collection – Canada)

Tights – Spanx

Brogues – Primark

Bow – Call me Ponie

Bag – LaRedoute


See you soon!

ox Curvy Katie

OOTD: Spring has Sprung!


Today being one of the first days of Spring, I thought it only right to wear an outfit that encourages the warm weather to come and stay. I got this adorable tea dress from New Look Inspire on the weekend and I am delighted with it! You can find it here! Spring is all about romantic floral prints and bright pastel colours and this dress pretty much sums it up.


Dress – New Look Inspire

Cardigan – UNIQLO

Tights – Spanx

Brogues – Primark (12 pounds!! what a steal!!)

Hoop earrings – Primark

Button ring – I made it!

Happy Spring everyone!

xo Curvy Katie



OOTD: Mad for plaid and I’m moving!


Thanks to everyone who participated in any way yesterday for the day of silence by bloggers for Japan!!! I am back today with an outfit that makes everyone at my work comment on how Canadian I am. I’ll admit I wear a lot of plaid but I just can’t help myself – maybe it’s in my blood. 😉  I spend my day running around at work and so to accommodate this I often wear my little converse knockoffs, so despite them not being the most fashion forward, they get the job done and they are comfy. I was also carrying one of my favourite canvas bags from Primark, mostly as an excuse to announce to all of you that I am moving to London at the beginning of June! I have officially become a Brit – passport and all and I am heading to London to see what exciting things are happening there! I am super excited, although I’ll miss my friends in Paris – but we really are just across the pond so I’ll be back for visits. Also, if you know anyone with a room to let in London for June please let me know, I am actively searching!

This tunic was once a dress but alas silly me didn’t see it wrapped up in my sheets in the wash which then went right into the dryer and made my dress a little too short on the back end to wear sans skirt. Regardless I still love it because it is airy and light and plaid!

Dress/tunic – Torrid (Summer 2010 collection)

Skirt – H&M

Tights – Spanx

Shoes – no brand (converse knockoffs)

Bag – Primark

Earrings – Claire’s (from years ago)

Thanks for stopping by!!

xo Curvy Katie

OOTN: Plus London & Anna Scholz

Hello again!

Back so soon, you say? Well, yes. I had so many people ask me ‘who’ I was wearing on Saturday and I thought, seeing as to how it was a piece from one of the sponsers, it was only fit to do a post about it. After many a month spent lusting after this black Anna Scholz zipper dress, I came across it in person back home in Toronto at Lola&Gigi (my new favourite place to shop in Toronto.) Having never ordered from Anna Scholz before I had no idea how the fit would be  so I was super excited to have the chance to try a few pieces on in store.

Not being very tall, I was worried that everything would be too long, as I have the impression from most of their photos that the models are quite tall, however this was not an issue at all. As soon as I put the black zipper dress on, both I, my mum and Laura (owner of Lola & Gigi) decided on the spot that I must own this dress.

I’m not one to wear things that are particularily close to the body, but this dress is cut as though it were made to measure. You can see the structure and the way it is sewn creates curves in all the right places no matter the body underneath. On top of that it has a rockin’ silver exposed metal zipper all the way up the back and a fun bright fuschia lining.

I have to thank Anika from byanika.com for the photo as foolish me did not ask anyone to take a photo me in full length. I will re-do the outfit for you and update ASAP so you can get the full effect.

As for accessories, I am carrying a clutch made by my bestie Sarah of Elizabean textiles that I love. It`s a beautiful deep blue/purple with a wild print on the inside. She makes jewelry rolls, clutches of all sizes and incredible other bags, I think it`s decided I will do a post on her creations soon for you all to see, as I am her biggest fan.

I can`t say it enough, thank you again to everyone for this weekend, all the blog posts with pictures popping up on twitter and facebook are making me so happy. It`s like re-living the weekend!

xx Curvy Katie

What I wore today…

Hey everyone!

So Paris has been ultra-strange weather wise lately, and after several chilly days, it randomly went back up to 21 degrees. I thought this was a sign that I could get a couple of more wears out of my beloved Evans  Ruby Belle collection dress. I bought this dress at the end of the summer off the sale rack and tried to squeeze in as many summery days with it as I could but felt it wasn’t enough. Today I fall-ed it out with black tights and a light cardigan from Uniqlo(who by the way make wonderful cardigans.)  I had no time for a morning photo so instead took them when I arrived home – excuse my crinkly dress.

I absolutely love this dress and will probably try and convince myself all winter that it is suitable to be worn despite the sunny flamingo birds.

I paired it with a simple  pair of all black suede oxford style shoes from Andre, featured on an old blog here and my usual black H&M black bag, that is in rough shape and in need of replacing, so I am not showing you it 🙂 My tights are Spanx – and I love them. I will do a post about them later to tell you why, because for me, they are the be all and end all of tights.

Hope everyone had a delightful day!


Curvy Katie