Snazzy Footwear On A January Afternoon

Hello again!

So back in January when I was home in lovely Toronto, I did a little photo shoot with my best friend Sarah to feature our newly purchased shoes. We each on different occasions bought pairs of killer heels that I thought why not do a post about it?

It turns out that Sarah also had a new outfit, for an upcoming wedding, to go with said new shoes, and so our little afternoon shoot was all set.

I brought back an old favourite piece because I have never featured it on my blog and I am secretly hoping that the fashion gods are listening and that they will invite Beth Ditto back for another collection/collaboration.

I’m wearing my favourite Beth Ditto lightning bolt sweater from the Beth Ditto  for Evans collection over a year ago, with a pair of cheap chic leggings from Primark. I snagged my blingtastic heels at Pretty Things Boutique in Halifax, Nova Scotia and they are very high but I can’t resist them. I love the way they look and they make my calves look like I just ran a marathon.

Sarah is wearing an amazing fuchsia dress from Canada’s new British favourite, Top Shop along with a black lace cardi/bolero from H&M.

Her snazzy and oh so soft fuchsia wedges are from Town Shoes, in Toronto and have the cutest tassels hanging off the zipper in the back. I’m not sure how she managed to find heels this amazing that match her dress like they were made from the same cut of fabric, but that’s her amazing luck for you.

We did Sarah’s makeup to match! Doesn’t she look glamorous?

I know the photos are a couple of months old, and that my hair is completely different but I have been prepping this post forever and absolutely couldn’t not share the pictures with you because they are so fun. Long live killer heels, sore calves and fabulous looking legs!!!

xx Toodaloo Katie


Shoes shoes shoes…

Hey everyone!

So as our cold non-June weather continues here on the Parisian front, I decided to show you the new shoes that I have acquired since being in this fine new country. I love how inexpensive and cute things are here if you know where to look. With a little help from friends and some exploring I have searched out and found some new places. If you are looking for shoes and accessories check out Rue Saint-Denis, there are little boutiques all along that have mostly the same things but run very cheap. Look around first before you buy as you will find that the prices vary by a couple of euros from one store to the next. Ok so enough talking – check these three beauties out!

The first pair – black and white vinyl flats, I found on Rue Saint Denis in a little shop for 9 euros, the second pairs, which look like black men’s dancing shoes, I bought at the popular shoe store, Andre. The third pair were another Rue Saint Denis find and despite their height, they are actually quite comfortable (they cost just under 18 euros – not bad if I do say so myself).  The last pair, I found at New Look for about 29 euros and they feel like fake suede or something of that sort. Since I am still a noob with heels, I will be saving these for special occasions and walks around my apartment for practice. Since it has been humid and rainy and the lineups for change rooms have been horrendous I have taken solace in trying on shoes. I especially like trying on shoes at places where you don’t have to ask for your size. I am getting all giddy about organizing my clothes and shoes in my new apartment next week. I should be moving soon but don’t have a for sure date yet. I’m always up for a day of shopping so if you’re in Paris and want to join me, or me to join you pop me a message at (PS I speak French fluently so don’t be shy if you are French! I could always use the practice)

I have more photos to upload so stick around.

Curvy Katie