Hey Girls!

So I know this has taken me an age to do, but this week has been crazy! As some of you may have overheard at the swap, Steveo and I are launching our bakery this weekend at the Margate Old Town Bazaar, and it is a lot of work to get it all ready. Anyways, come check us out if you are around there, and even if you’re not LIKE us on Facebook, we are called the Rockabilly Bake Shop!  Feel free to order something that I can deliver to you  in London sometime 🙂

Ok so let me tell you all about the awesome clothing swap that happened chez moi last weekend. I had such a nice time meeting all of you and seeing many of you again from the last swap. There were mountains of clothes and tons of good pickings!

We had the lovely Michelle from Red Bows Boutique brings tons of amazing pieces to both purchase and swap. It was really awesome, so thank you again Michelle for coming along!

Check out the major piles of delights:

We also had tons of cookies and treats brought by everyone, so thank you again to all who brought a little something – everyone in my house was well fed on sugar for the week after 🙂

The reason I’ve been absent on here is because I am planning on moving out of London and it’s all happening next week! I’ll be heading to Dover so if you live some place round dearest Dover then get in touch… I think I’ll probably need new tips and tricks as I’ve never lived in a place that’s not considered a major city… I sound like such a city snob!

Thanks again everyone for coming to my terrace for the afternoon – I promise an outfit is coming this week and couple of awesome things




Toodaloo Katie… Who’s Toodaloo Katie???


So although I have been very bad with posting lately, I promise it was for a very good reason. For the last 8 months or so, I have had such a life overhaul that I was feeling a bit sans style if you know what I mean. I really didn’t feel like anything in my closet meant anything to me and a lot of my clothes didn’t fit the same after I walked The Camino as my body had changed. I wasn’t feeling like myself and it didn’t feel right to throw that all down here because that is not who or how I am. Thank you to everyone who has continued to visit and read, I can see you there and I do appreciate you all sticking with me!

The good news is that Curvy Katie is being re-launched as Toodaloo Katie!  Toodaloo Katie is the name of my jewellery and accessories company that I have been running out of my many homes since the beginning of high school and I think it sounds more like me. I think I have outgrown Curvy Katie and hopefully will be able to offer you more fun stuff, including lots of OOTD, reviews of products and companies and plenty of homemade creations (up for sale at the beginning of the summer).

You can now change any links you might have saved from the old address (www.curvykatie.wordpress.com) to www.Toodalookatie.com – I am a real website now – how exciting!

I feel like I have a new fresh style and I can’t wait to share it with you. Helping me with  all of these big changes and daily blog fun is my most excellent boyfriend, Steveo, who is an amazing photographer and web/graphic designer. (If you are looking for someone with the above skills then check out his website linked.)

To celebrate all this news, I want to share a little discount code with you for a new favourite shop of mine, AX Paris – Curve Collection. I will be doing a review for them shortly but until then you should check out Pocket Rocket Fashion’s super cute review of the adorable heart print dress!  For this week only, with the code CURVE you get 20% off the Curve collection at AX Paris.

I can’t wait to get started again and to show you all my new things – be back as soon as I can!!

xxx ToodalooKatie

Something new!

I came across this online store, Hope and Harvest, while I was reading Curves to Kill a blog by Teer Wayde, a plus size model and fantastic fashionista. She models for them and the clothes are divine. I am trying to add more pieces to my wardrobe that are high quality and won’t become obselete in the blink of an eye. I think these designers have accomplished exactly that in their line – quality and timeless is what I think when I see their pieces.

Perhaps it is just me, but I have not seen this company at all with the exception of on Curves to Kill, but I think they deserve a little of the spotlight. The clothes are beautiful, I love this grey dress!  Are you guys familiar with them at all?



note: The photos in this album are borrowed and link back to Curves to Kill, they are not my images.