A Simply Be Christmas Special


Hello again!

I know that two posts so close together is a bit crazy, but I have had them saved up and wanted to share it all with you! SimplyBe was so kind as to send me a couple of things to try for Christmas parties and all that jazz. I chose two dresses and a blazer because as much as I love dresses there are occasions where I would rather wear trousers or a skirt and would like something a little different to glam it all up.

The first dress I chose was this purple/mauve lace print dress which can be found on SimplyBe, it is one of their own collection, and my first comment would be to size up! I chose my usual size 18 and the top is far too snug around the bust and the arms. I would have been much better off in a size 20. Regardless, the dress is gorgeous and very comfortable but requires a jacket or cardi to hide the snugness above the waist. I’m also wearing: black leggings from Simply Be, a vintage jacket and boots from Evans (last year).


Next up is this lovely cream and black frilly tunic also from Simply Be but made by Frock and Frill. As you can see, I attempted to wear it as a dress, but I think for outings I will pair it with leggings so I don’t have to worry about it being a tad short. It’s super comfortable and the colour is lovely, even on my pale skin. I paired it with a belt from Torrid as I needed the waist to be pulled in a pinch more, black tights from M&S and my favourite black heels from New Look.  I think  I am going to wear it to my work Christmas dinner, only with leggings this time as it is definitely a tunic. I am so glad the arms have space but aren’t too big and that the lace details are soft and look so elegant.



Last of all was a gold sequin Coleen Nolan blazer which as you can see was a difficult one to photograph. I really wanted something that I could wear to jazz up a plain outfit, like this black brocade skirt from Dorothy Perkins and black t-shirt from Gap. The cut of the blazer is great and shoulders fit really nicely, which is usually where I struggle with jackets. The thing I wasn’t so keen on was the quality of the blazer. The reviews did say that it felt a bit cheap and I have to agree. The sequins are not really all over, it’s more of a netted effect with sequins which can’t be seen in the photos. I’ll still get plenty of wear out of it because it’s a definite statement piece but I did expect better quality for the price.



Look, it is sparkly!


Thank you SimplyBe for these lovely things to review, I am ready for all the festivities that are to come!

What are all your plans? Christmas at home or away? I will be hoping for snow regardless of how ridiculous that is!

Merry Christmas




OOTD (From earlier in December)

Hello lovelies!

I am back and as per usual, life has run away with me again! Since I was last able to post, I lost one of my part time jobs due to the company moving to America and was left having to find something else. This, all before Christmas and while still unpacking bits from moving. Whilst looking for work, I checked the Lush website in hopes of there being a shop opening up in Canterbury (the closest bigger city to where I live) and my jaw dropped to the floor, there was! After a series of interviews, I got the job and went through the most fun and interesting training week ever, full of Christmas, skin and hair care training complete with loads of products to test out. Stay tuned on here as I have lots of things to tell you about what I have learned and if you are curious about Lush or what you could use from them feel free to message me with questions! 

I had to go down to London to meet the team for the Lush shop, which hadn’t opened, so almost the entire staff were new and all getting to know each other. I wanted to wear something friendly but that would also show off my fancy purple hair which I am still in love with.  I chose this little get up, digging out a couple of old favourites to pull it all together.




I am wearing: 

Star tshirt – Torrid (several years old)

Mauve Cardi – Primark (currently available for £6!)

Black slim leg jeans rolled up – Marks and Spencers

Mustache Flats – Primark (Liverpool)

Now that I will be working regularly and getting back on track, I hope to share more OOTD with you and do a couple of Lush reviews too!

Stay tuned for a Christmas special with Simply Be!!



A Lilac Surprise!

Hello again!

So I told you yesterday that I was making a major hair change today and boy did I deliver or what?!

I went into this lovely little local salon called Teresa’s a week or so ago asking for a lilac/grey colour similar to what Kelly Osbourne has been sporting lately. In the quest to grow my hair long I need to keep it interesting otherwise I will give up and chop it all off again.  So a week after my initial consultation, I went back to see my student stylist Chloe. Not only did she give the most awesome lilac/grey hair but she also styled it a la Tracy Turnblad from Hairspray! Let’s just put these two things together for one second and enjoy them (photos courtesy of 2 second google search – I don’t own them):

Yes, they are amazing! I am so happy with how it turned out and am enjoying my big hair while it lasts because I’m not sure I am skilled enough with a comb to recreate this awesome style.

Now, let me share my outfit of the day with you!

Today I wore a shirt that picked up at a swap, it’s baby pink with shoes and purses on it (there is no brand on the inside sorry!)

Cardigan – Uniqlo (super old collection)

Jeans – M&S Bootcut (I roll the cuffs up)

Belt – Primark (From last year)

Flats – Primark (they are studded!)

The shirt print – there are purses too, I promise!

More hair! I am obsessed!

The back in all it’s Bouffant style!

Primark Studded Flats:

And here are two products I didn’t think I would need for least another 25 years!!!

What do you all think, have I lost my mind? I am crazy for this lilac colour and it will calm and become softer as it wears and I think I will love it all the way through.

xo ToodalooKatie

A Few Of My Fall And Winter Favourites…

Hey girls!

So I have been trolling all my favourite blogs and shop sites and have put together a list of all the things I am loving for Fall (or Autumn as the lovely Brits call it) and of course Winter as it seems to be approaching faster than I expected. Since I work at a cafe as well as a lot of odd jobs here and there my wardrobe is pretty varied and I like to have many options.

I’ve organised them by shop so if you like them too you can check out the links under each image.

Simply Be:

Ring Printed Dress with Collar

Emotion High Leg Boots (Wide Calf)

Colleen Nolan Sequin Jacket

Domino Dollhouse

These pieces will be available online shortly but I had a chance to check out their look-book and I am in love. I want this jacket and dress more than anything right NOW! 🙂 Check out the website as they will be launched very soon!

And now a few pics of looks I am loving from other bloggers from all over:

Teer Wayde from Curves To Kill wearing AX Paris:

Stiletto Siren in a fab outfit with the most awesome Forver 21 + blazer:

And las of all, Kaylah from The Dainty Squid wearing the most adorable cloud dress from Mod Cloth:

There you have it! A couple of my favourite new things and some serious blogger clothing and hair envy! What are you liking for fall and winter???

Also, I am have a major hair change tomorrow which I will be posting photos of after so stay tuned! I love a good surprise!

XO ToodalooKatie

Evans Clements Ribeiro – Swan Collection




Hey lovelies!

So last week, I had the chance to go to London and see the new Clements Ribiero Swan collection for Evans at their HQ. I attended in place of Gaelle from Les Pitreries de Vanoue as she is all the way in Paris! I was really looking forward to seeing the collection as I find that every guest collection with Evans is always a surprise. I wasn’t a big fan of the previous collection from Clements Ribiero as I don’t wear many prints and found the dresses very long, however, this time I was pleasantly surprised. The Swan Collection has a variety of pieces and style in it making it more versatile and more friendly to different types of plus size bodies. As you can see above, this 1920s style flapper dresses to die for and hopefully will be appearing in my closet, once I make up an excuse to own it.

(Photo Courtesy of Fat Girls Like Nice Clothes Too)

My favourite part about the collection is how classically styled the pieces are, from heavy fabrics with lovely embroidery to lined cardigans and a stunning 3/4 sleeve oversized coat with toggles.  There are also a selection of tunics and longer dresses made of stretchy soft material  that don’t look like much on the hanger, but once on a body, really flatter the figure.For me, this collection represents a lot of thought about how clothing is cut for plus sized women and it’s so nice to see.

It was a really lovely afternoon seeing all the new collection and catching up with a few awesome bloggers who I haven’t seen in a while. Check out Bethany’s review of the collections over on Arched Eyebrow, and Diane from Fat Girls Like Nice Clothes Too! Oh and I have done a French guest review over on Les Pitreries de Vanoue too!  The collection is out very soon, and head over to the Evans website to be the first to know more! Thanks to Gaelle and Evans for having me for the afternoon, it was a real treat!

XO ToodalooKatie

ps. stay tuned for a hair post! Hooray!

How Time Flies…

Hello my lovelies!

So the last time we spoke I had just finished the SWAP ALL THE CLOTHES event, and had the first big weekend for the Rockabilly Bakeshop market stall. I am happy to report that everything went well and although we don’t get to do the bakeshop often it still remains one of our favourite things to do, and will hopefully get it back up and going very soon.

Since my life rarely is constant and normal, another enormous event occurred back in the middle of June. Steve and I got the opportunity to move to Dover and manage a pub called The Eagle. So, 2 weeks later we moved, out and away from London sadly and into the little somewhat unexciting town of Dover. It’s now been a long and very busy July and part of August. I have barely had a second to think about my lovely little blog, or making jewellery (which I am longing to do) or even about getting dressed in more than jeans and a boring T-shirt with my hair up.

I must say it is a sad state of affairs when I have recently acquired some amazing new pieces in my closet. I am vowing today to pull them out and take photos of outfits, because it’s only that they be shared with the world.

Although I am not super keen on Dover as a town, I have totally fallen in love with Canterbury and have a real soft spot for Folkestone. I think it’s the fact that both places have a buzzing arts community that I feel more at home when I’m there. Dover is very much a port town which people tend to pass through without really stopping and the town lets it happen without really making an effort to grab the tourists along the way.

Anyways, I didn’t come back to bore you with my whereabouts, but if you are in Dover, please come up to the Eagle for a visit, I am here Wednesday to Sunday all day. Also, if you anyone fancies holding an event, we have an event room, so maybe later down the road we could organise a Kent swap or meet up or something fun like that!

Ok so here is me now, flamingo pink hair and fancy new eyebrows done by the amazing Benefit Brow bar in Spitalfields, London. It was my first time getting them waxed and it really wasn’t that bad, nor do I think it looks weird or over the top. THANK GOODNESS!


And now I will share with you a couple of the things I have acquired lately – proper photos of me with them to come once I finish cleaning out my closet and organising.

First, this is probably my most favourite skirt ever. I will also say that a size 20 would easily fit a size 22 for those of you who are shy with the non plus sized items. The waist is stretchy and I find it quite big on me.


You can find the skirt on the Collectif website – I am also awaiting the day that they make the button down shirts in sizes bigger than 18 for us bustier girls.

Next, I am having my dearest mumsy bring me over a new back pack when she visits from Canada as the epic Vegan bag company Matt & Nat had a sale. You can purchase the bags online in the UK as well, but since my Mum offered I thought I would make the most of the Canadian dollar while I could. Although I haven’t seen the bag in the flesh, other than over Skype, I am told it is like blue canvas feeling material with awesome leather looking straps just like the picture. I can’t wait to travel someplace with it when I get it in early October! Hurry up Mum!


My next purchase will be this amazing skirt from Asos that I saw on another wonderful blogger, Lolly Likes Fatshion. I want this flamingo skirt and it is low in stock so I am feeling the pressure. I’ve been doing a lot of Rockabilly styled things lately and I really think this would fit right in -justification at it’s best!


Thanks so much for the continued support on Facebook and Twitter, you are all amazing! I can’t wait to take photos of everything I have and the outfits I have put together. I’ll tell you more about the pub another day, but I hope some of you are around Dover and can come for a visit 🙂

Much Love,


Review of MooMoonZ Accessories- Wear All The Bows!!!

Hi there!

I’m back with another review and this one is for my favourite accessory company ever! For those of you who know me, you have probably noticed that I always wear a hair bow of some kind in my hair and this online shop is a gold mine of amazing handmade bows and other delights.

I present to you MooMoonZ!

 www. Moomoonz.com

Everything is handmade by the amazing creator Kathy, right here in the UK.   She makes hair bows, necklaces, bracelets, rings, earrings, has handbags coming and is currently selling some of the wildest most out there t-shirt designs ever.  I was very lucky to be gifted a really generous amount of gorgeous creations to show off to you. My hair bow collection is now museum worthy and makes me so happy everyday when I have to choose which to wear – even if it does make me late for work.

And now to show you all of the amazing bows, rings, and necklaces! Let the BOWverload begin!

Headwear: Comfortable Alligator clips stay in and don’t slide!

Green Cupcakes and Blue Cupcakes

Frankenstein and Polka Dots:

Jack Skellington is on my head:

Hello Katie , I mean Kitty:

Strawberries and Polka Dots:

Skully Ring: Adjustable around the finger, lightweight and really comfortable even on my chubby fingers- not to mention so cute.


Guess What! They fit my neck perfectly! I don’t usually buy necklaces online because they are snug or uncomfortable but these fit like they were made for me! All necks need to try!

Love Tattoo Necklace: I can now wear more than one bow in my outfit… marvellous!

Skull Cameo Necklace: Classy Badassy 😉

Everything is so well made and gorgeous and at amazing prices that means you don’t have to pick just one thing – something I struggle with always. They ship internationally too! Ok now go visit MooMoonZ, then check her out on Facebook and buy some lovely things! Then, take photos of you wearing your purchases and share them with MooMoonz as she has a gallery on the website to show all you snazzy wearers off! WEAR ALL THE BOWS!!!

And now a little video recap of above in French for my lovely French readers: Pour tous mes lectrices Francaises – veuillez svp regarder  le video 🙂 Gros Bisous!

I hope you all love these accessories as much as I do!!

Thanks for reading my lovelies and a bientôt!!!

xx ToodalooKatie